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Robert Borsak MLC

Robert Borsak - the son of a Polish tailor turned freedom fighter who escaped a Gestapo death camp - is a former art student. He put down the easel to study accountancy and marketing and became a very successful businessman as chairman of the Brooker Holdings Group, manufacturers of aluminium boats, trailers and scaffolding systems.

But the 57-year-old was forced to scale back his other business activities (11 companies he was associated with turned over $50 million a year) after being elected the Shooters and Fishers Party’s fourth MLC in 2010 on the sudden death of his friend and colleague, Roy Smith, on July 31.

"Semi-retired" at the time, he was the only real choice, having worked closely with the world's first shooter MP, John Tingle, and Robert Brown, MLC, after joining the party in 1992. He was chairman of the party three years later when John Tingle was elected and is its major strategist. Prior to being elected, he also resigned as chairman of the groundbreaking Game Council of NSW that sets the standard for conservation hunting in Australia.

In his feisty inaugural speech to Parliament, he placed on record that Roy's work would continue, especially negotiating further sensible changes to the firearms legislation "that unreasonably restrict legitimate gun-owners, while doing nothing to enhance public safety. He is also the champion of young shooters."

The keenest of hunters, Robert has chased trophy game all over the world, yet revels in bird and small game shooting and fine rifle collecting. As a child, he spearfished; today he fishes for trout.

Married for 34 years to Cheryl, whom he met while Scouting, the proud Ashfield father of three grown children has two beautiful grand children.

"I hunt because I like to hunt; it is part of my genetic make-up," he told gob-smacked pollies in his speech. The House was filled to hear him speak and he made no bones about the effect of politics on him.

"Personally, I resent being viewed or treated by anyone as a criminal in waiting. It is plainly just not acceptable."

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Robert Brown MLC

Political representative

Robert Brown has been a Member of the state committee of The Shooters Party (now Shooters and Fishers Party) from 1994-present, becoming its Chairman between 2005 and 2007. Robert was the Inaugural Chairman of the Game Council, having written the Legislation that created the Council.

Having stood down from the Game Council, Robert was elected to Parliament on the resignation of John Tingle MLC, on May 3, 2006, and was re-elected in the March 2011 State election, for an eight year term. As Brown noted in his Parliamentary inaugural speech, the Party is roughly evenly split between Labor and conservatives when it comes to voting in the Legislative Assembly. But, he said, “All shooters have had a disproportionate measure of regulation and legislation shoved down their throats since the early 1990s. Most of it is bad legislation and over-regulation.”

Since his election, Robert has been very active in the inner workings of the House via the LC Committees. Among others, he was a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety (Staysafe) from 2006-2011, and was elected Chair of the vital Select Committee on Recreational Fishing in November 2009. Tabled in December 2010, the report recommended a five year Moratorium on the creation of any new Marine Parks. Robert turned that into Legislation, when he successfully prosecuted a Private Member’s Bill to do just that, in 2011.

Robert is currently the Chair of General Purpose Standing Committee #5, which deals with the portfolios of DPI, Environment and Heritage, and Lands and Water. Two recent Public Inquiries that Robert chaired were an Inquiry into Coal Seam Gas, and an inquiry that looked into all aspects of Public Land Management

He was branch President/State President of the Australian Deer Association (1995-1998), and was elected as a Life Member of the ADA in 2012; is a Member for Life, Drummoyne Sailing Club Inc; Member for Life of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW); member, Hills Hunting & Angling Club Inc; ordinary member, Institute of Engineers Australia, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Robert is committed to working with the government of the day to improve matters related to firearms ownership and use and access for shooters and fishers.

“We will encourage the government to broaden the implementation of conservations through sustainable use – terrestrial and marine,” Brown says.

“For too long the fishers – like shooters before them – ignored the insidious advance of animal rights extremist ideology into the political spectrum. But no more.”

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Karl Houseman

Karl Houseman will stand with Robert Borsak for election to the NSW Legislative Council in the 2015 State election as the Shooters and Fishers Party aims to increase its numbers in the upper house from two to three. Karl is ideally suited to the position, not least because he has been a member of the SFP for more than five years and is currently on its federal executive.

Outside his Party commitments, Karl is a part owner and manager of one of Australia’s most successful internet forums, Australian Hunting Net (AHN), which pioneered Australian hunting forums by engaging clubs, hunters, target shooters and politicians. AHN has brought together an incredibly diverse range of people from all around Australia and has given them a place from which they can work to further the sport of shooting in this country. Karl has previously served on the executive of hunting and pistol club boards.

Born in 1975, Karl grew up on the boundaries between bush and city in an outdoor lifestyle that had a profound influence on him. The perspective he gained on both metropolitan and regional Australia has been invaluable for when dealing with people from all walks of life. With his father, Karl was keenly involved in the scouting movement, where he was a Patrol leader and eventually a troop scout, assisting scout leaders with the running of the troop and mentoring younger scouts.

Professionally, Karl has proven himself in technical, sales and managerial roles. He now holds the highly coveted and competitive role of the IT Manager for one of Australia’s largest construction firms, a company turning over $500 million a year. In his private life he has mastered martial arts and held centre stage in front of 16,000 people, among many other things. All of this, underscored by his gregarious attitude and ability to ad-lib under pressure, has developed in Karl a unique leadership strength as well as highly developed analytical and negotiating skills. He takes an honest and empathetic approach to everything he does.

These are all qualities and skills that mark Karl as a prime candidate for the SFP. It is a given that he a passionate fisher and shooter. He has a particular passion for freshwater bass fishing, which he enjoys most weekends with his children. He has worked in gun shops and as a professional guide, written columns for Sporting Shooter magazine and hunted all over Australia.

Peter Johnson

Shooters and Fishers Representative

Peter Johnson has a long time commitment to the environment. He comes from a family of Dairy Farmers and Orchardists, and learnt to fish and hunt when he was able to do so safely, whilst regarding the sustainability of the resource was paramount.

Peter has a long history on representing anglers; he has been very active in fishing both recreationally and commercially.  Peter was a Trap and Line Fisherman for several years out of Sydney, and was also a leading figure in amateur angling circles. He was elected to the committee, and later became President of the Sydney North Division of NSW Fishing Clubs Association for several years, and has been awarded Life Membership to this Association for his services in Angler Representations and protecting fishing access rights. He was elected State President of the NSW Fishing Clubs Association for two terms, and was also the NSWFCA representative on the consultative committees for NSW Fisheries on both the inaugural INTER-TIDAL PROTECTED AREAS, and the 2nd SALTWATER BAG AND SIZE LIMIT REVIEW, where Peter saw firsthand how Government disregards anglers and ties them up in bureaucratic tape and ignores the real issues. Make no mistake, Peter regards Accountability as a priority, and has publicly denounced NSW Fisheries Policy many times.

Through his 8 year stint as Club Captain of Warringah Anglers Club, Peter was instrumental in organising a petition, along with three other key members of this club, to obtain over 17,000 signatures and tabled them to Parliament, to decree a Moratorium on Marine Parks, only to be bitterly disappointed that the then Liberal / National Opposition chose not to follow the Moratorium up. This really motivated him to pursue a better way to get Anglers voices heard, so he joined the Shooters and Fishers Party to help with the fight. His own words, “ No other Political Party has ever been a  friend of Anglers at Grass Roots level. Other so-called Fishing Parties preference the majors who have done us over time and again. Shooters and Fishers are our Party, our only friends in Politics “

Peter is proud to be a member of The Shooters and Fishers Party, as it was Robert Brown who moved in Parliament that the Moratorium be implemented. He now wants the angling community to see how effective the Shooters and Fishers Party is, and that there is no alternative vote on offer.

Whilst Peter doesn’t fish competitively nowadays, he still travels regularly with wife Linda, and fishes both Salt and Freshwater habitats, enjoying their freedom to do so. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Yellowbelly or a Spanish Mackeral, or his favourite, Snapper, Peter wants to protect the access for all to engage in this healthy pursuit. He still does regular radio appearances on 2SM’s HI-Tide fishing and boating program, and is in demand as a guest speaker at fishing club functions.

It’s also a poorly kept secret that Peter is a pretty keen Hunter too, who loves to hunt feral pigs and goats when the fish aren’t biting.

He earns his living in the field of Logistics, where he is NSW Fleet and Compliance Manager for Australia’s largest freight carrier. He is well versed in large scale business applications, has a good acumen for profitability and accountability, and is highly regarded in the industry by his peers.

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