Posted on 16 March 2011

Call to change approach to drug harm minimisation policy.

The Shooters and Fishers Party said today the Government's drug harm minimsation policies, without compulsory rehabilitation is a failed strategy.

Upper House member, Robert Borsak said the revolving door of rehabilition to relapse must change.

 "Encouraging young people in healthy outdoor activities like hunting, shooting and fishing  would be a step forward in the fight against harmful drugs,” 

“The responsibility-robbing decrees of the Nanny State, cause more problems than they solve. While we’re against the legalisation of illicit drugs, we’re all for increased information about the harmful effects of all drugs in education programs. 

"We also believe opening hours for licensed premises need to be kept under active review, together with police powers to deal with offensive and violent behavior," he said. 

Mr Borsak said the Shooters and Fishers Party also supports greater Government efforts to retain nursing staff in the health system and attract young people into this critical service sector. 

"It's tragic  that we have health  infrastructure being under-utilised because of staff shortages,” Mr Borsak said


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