Shooters and Fishers help government get serious on feral animals

Posted on 21 February 2011

Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Borsak said today he would continue fighting for more sustainable recreational hunting and shooting opportunities in New South Wales.

He said the Party has a strong record in supporting a balanced, responsible approach to hunting and shooting in New South Wales.

“Hunting and shooting are very popular sports in NSW. They develop discipline, self-reliance and promote family oriented physical activity, which pour millions of dollars into regional communities every year.

"We'll reintroduce sustainable duck hunting in NSW based on sound scientific evidence and adaptive management. The NSW Game Bird Management Program will move from the National Parks and Wildlife Service to the Game Council.”

“We'll also push for government programs to improve habitat for quail populations and support sustainable public and private hunting opportunities for these species.

“The Party is also committed to improving and increasing hunting opportunities and utilising Volunteer Conservation Hunters to assist in the control of pest animals on private and public land in NSW. We’ll help whoever is in power in the lower house get serious about feral animal control on both private and public land including State Forests and National Parks.”

“Conservation hunting by trained volunteers managed by the Game Council NSW is the clear solution to invasive pest animals. We’ll work to ensure effective partnership between Government and conservation hunters via the Game Council.”

“To frame this new approach, early in the new parliamentary term we’ll re-introduce the Game and Feral Animal Amendment Bill.

“We’ll open up government funding so that Conservation Hunting groups are assisted in proposing specific community conservation hunting programs in feral animal problem areas of NSW.” Mr Borsak said.

For further information and comment please call Robert Borsak on
9230 3059 or 0419 977 097


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