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Staying active in your sport means being active for your sport. There are plenty of ways you can make a difference...

  • Vote

    Vote for you sport: it's that simple. Your vote will make a difference. Click here for how to vote information for the March NSW State Election:

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  • Join The Party

    We need you! It's critical that S&F maintains its representation through direct membership. Membership is not expensive, and your membership is private unless you consent to disclosure.

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  • Renew your membership

    Thanks for helping us fight for your right to shoot, fish and 4WD.

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  • Volunteer

    A few hours helping out could ensure a lifetime of shooting and fishing.

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  • Donate

    Donations are the lifeblood of any political Party, especially ours. Without money we'll be out-gunned and unable to fight back. Politics is as much about being financially secure as it is about being right.

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  • Petitions

    It’s a numbers game and your voice can help us win. Add your voice to the growing number of shooters and fishers fighting to save our sports!

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